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Access pass holders who are either Italian residents or who live in the country are permitted to borrow from the library. The loan, which is limited to 5 works maximum, is for 30 days. The work(s) are available for an additional 15 days upon request.
The following works are excluded from the loan policy:
Works from the reference room and the periodical room
Works published before 1900
Works received through bequests or deposits, with the condition that they have to be consulted on-site
Masters theses
Manuscripts and archival materials
Drawings, prints, photographs and maps
Books in bad shape with regard to conservation, loose-leaf editions, pamphlets gathered in volumes, items with exceptional size
Microfilms and microfiches
Materials of specific interest for ongoing projects at the IMSS
Works on hold for exams at the University of Florence (course in History of science) and works on hold for courses or seminars at the IMSS

Book reservation
It is possibile to reserve library documents for loan or for consultation. Requests must be sent at least one day in advance.

The library does not allow users to photocopy any of its collections on-site. A short loan is permitted in order to make photocopies off-site at the convenience of the access card holder.
By filling in the request form, it is possible to apply for digital copies on CD-ROM of those works which are not protected by copyright.
Moreover, the library allows users to reproduce documents using their own photographic equipment, in compliance with the current Italian legislation and for personal study and research purposes only.

Book purchase recommendation
If you wish to send recommendations for the library collection, please complete the corresponding form.



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