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The Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza produces thematic digital libraries which include not only publications but also manuscripts, "objects" (in particular, scientific instruments) and iconographic and bibliographic archives.

At present, in addition to the Saggi di naturali esperienze fatte nell'Accademia del Cimento (full text), there are available for consultation, in image format, some digital editions relevant to Galilean literature and to the Bibliotheca Perspectivae project. The IMSS Digital Library is further enriched by the extremely rare Raccolta and the Nuova Raccolta d'opuscoli scientifici e filologici edited by the erudite A.Calogerà and Vitrum, a selected group of important works on the history of glass.

Access to the digital collection is provided through a structured list or by performing searches of the OPAC library.

Digital acquisition of documents is carried out at 400 DPI 24-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG) for color; 400 DPI 8-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG ) grayscale. For online consultation, there is a resolution of 150 DPI, jpeg 80% (enlargements 600 pixels, larger side, jpeg 80%). For input of metadata, which provide for consultation of texts through a structured index, the MAG format has been utilized.


  IMSS Digital Library

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