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The IMSS library is wholly dedicated to the history of science and technology and consequently constitutes a fundamental point of reference for scholars worldwide who are interested in the history of the various scientific disciplines, in the historical evolution of technologies, in scientific instruments, etc. The library has experienced, over the course of the past 30 years, an impressive and continuous development, resulting in the currently ca 110,000 works - including monographs, reviews and minor materials, both printed and electronic.

The antique and rare books collection, altogether ca 5,000 works, are particularly important, most of all the Medicean-Lorraine Collection which includes scientific texts collected over the course of the centuries by the two Tuscan dynasties. Also of interest are the 19th-century holdings, dedicated principally to the physical-mathematical disciplines, and the special collections, for the most part pertaining to medicine and the natural sciences.

The Landmarks of Science microfilm and microfiche collection, an indispensable inventory of primary sources for the history of science, completes and integrates the special holdings.

The modern holdings, with ca 2,000 new annual acquisitions and ca 250 current periodicals, offer an ample selection of texts on the history of science, amongst which classics of science and technology, secondary literature, catalogues of museums, scientific institutes and exhibitions, bio-bibliographical lists dedicated to single disciplines, and more can be found.

The Library collects archival materials concerning the history of science in Italy, its characters, institutions and milestone events. Such materials are supplemented by an interesting historical photo archive.

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