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Horror vacui?
The discovery of the weight of air, and the existence of the vacuum.
A tribute to Evangelista Torricelli


The vacuum exists and air has weight: these are the revolutionary concepts proved by the famous experiment of Evangelista Torricelli, performed in Florence in 1644. This discovery is the subject of a working exhibition, which reproduces the experiments that demonstrated the existence of the vacuum. The suggestive staging of "The marvellous operations of air ", a theatre of experimental demonstrations of the marvellous effects produced by air, unites the scientific spirit and the atmosphere of the baroque.

Are you ready to enter the void?


The historical experiments

The abhorrence of the void

At the bottom of an ocean of air

The main characters


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Fri. September 24 1999, 8pm-11pm


Exhibition (in italian)
Conference (in italian)

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