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Homo Faber

Original artefact
  1.1 Fragments of painted decoration


Fresco; various sizes 22.5 - 27 cm
Pompeii, VI,17 (Ins. Occ.), 42 House of the Gold Bracelet, triclinium garden 31 (1985)
Mid-first century AD


The seven fragments depict a butterfly, a snail, two grasshoppers, a bunch of grapes, acorns, and bluebells; they are from an elegant fresco of phase II-b of the Third Style, and are partially restored. Their discovery in the earth fill of the house's garden allows us to hypothesise a destruction or structural modification of the original outfittings of the space. Pitture e Mosaici 1996, VI, pp. 138-145, nos. 179a-185
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