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Renovation Projects

Plans are in course for a complete renovation and reorganization of the permanent exhibitions on the First and Second Floors of Palazzo Castellani. The project will include work of two different kinds:

  Consolidating the floors and overall revision of the air-conditioning systems, security system, etc.

  Rearrangement of the Museum, according to new exhibition principles, new furnishings and the implementation of new systems of utilization, with the introduction of an innovative portable terminal through which visitors can access the contents of the Multimedia Catalogue.

Upon completion of the work, the museum will be enlarged and fully renovated according to an innovative concept. The museum's permanent exhibition will in fact occupy not only two whole floors, the First and the Second, but will also be extended to three rooms on the Ground Floor.

The planning of the contents and the communication strategies has been entrusted to a work team coordinated by Filippo Camerota and Giorgio Strano, whose members will include Marco Beretta, Paola Bertucci, Paolo Brenni, Paolo Galluzzi, Mara Miniati, Thomas Settle, as well as foreign experts.




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