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Photographic Laboratory

The IMSS photographic laboratory was created in the late 1970s to satisfy requests from experts in the sector for documentation on the Museum's scientific instruments and to provide photos for the Institute's publications, already numerous at the time, in the History of Science field.

It then became necessary to document the collections in an organized manner, in order to utilize them to the best purpose and as testimony to their conservation. Accordingly, the laboratory acquired professional equipment and operators specialized in this sector, able to furnish photographs of excellent quality for both the descriptive cards of instruments and the thematic scientific catalogues published by the Institute.

With the creation of a Multimedia Laboratory within the Institute, it has become possible to produce important applications destined to the Web and published in CD and DVD formats, in which the image plays a role of primary importance. For each application, in fact, thousands of images are utilized. Accordingly, the need has arisen to make large quantities of photographic reproductions of good quality, in digital format and within brief time periods. To meet this need, the laboratory has acquired a professional digital camera with a resolution of 4000x4000 pixels, which generates files of 48 MB, suitable for any destination.

In addition to satisfying internal requisites, the laboratory is able to comply with requests made by scholars and publishers all over the world.



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