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Rights and requests for images

All of the images in the Archives are protected by current legislation on copyrights (Law no. 633 of 22 April 1941, item V and Law no.248 of 18 August 2000, "New regulations on copyright protection")

The photographic images appearing on the website cannot be downloaded without prior authorization in writing from the IMSS.

How to request images

To request images, download the official request forms (in Rich Text Format) for images from the IMSS archives and fax them to the Photographic Archives: +39 055 2653130. The forms must be accompanied by a letter of request, on letterhead paper.

Images belonging to the Archives which come from research projects to which the IMSS does not possess the rights, will be available for consultation only in icon format and cannot be released. Of these images, the products of lengthy and laborious research, the IMSS makes available to the user their cataloging data and provenance, with the objective of furnishing a useful service to researchers.

We are now working to set up an on-line ordering service through which users, after having registered and obtained a password, can consult the archives, select the desired images and fill out the forms online.

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