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Saggi di naturali esperienze

In 2001, on the occasion of the exhibition Scienziati a Corte. L'arte della sperimentazione nell'Accademia galileiana del Cimento (1657-1667), the digital edition (full text) of Saggi di naturali esperienze ("Essays on Natural Experiments") was published, with the aim of providing a modern tool of consultation.
With the establishing of the IMSS Digital Library, other important editions of the work edited by Lorenzo Magalotti are made available to scholars, in the image format.

Published in 1667, the Saggi di naturali esperienze fatte nell'Accademia del Cimento presents a synthesis of the experimental work carried out for over a ten-year period. The book encountered notable success. In 1684 the first English translation by Richard Waller was published, and in 1731, the Dutch scientist Petrus van Musschenbroek published an edition in Latin. Especially important among the editions published subsequently was the one edited by V. Antinori, on the occasion of the third congress of Italian scientists, held in Florence in 1841.
Digital acquisition of the documents has been effected: 400 DPI 24-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG) for color; 400 DPI 8-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG ) scale of gray. For on-line consultation, there is a resolution of 150 DPI, jpeg 80% (enlargement 600 pixel, larger side, jpeg 80%). For input of meta data, which provide for consultation of the texts through a structured index, the MAG format has been utilized.


  Saggi di naturali esperienze (full text)

  Saggi di naturali esperienze

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