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The Raccolta and the Nuova Raccolta d'opuscoli scientifici e filologici

The digital edition of the famous and very rare Raccolta and Nuova raccolta d'opuscoli scientifici e filologici has been realized within the context of the BDI - Biblioteca Digitale Italiana (Italian Digital Library) project, and with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs – Department of Llibraries and Cultural Institutions. It constitutes an important part of the Biblioteca Digitale recently inaugurated by the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza. Both of the collections edited by A. Calogerà provide eloquent testimony to the fervent activity of divulging knowledge, of cultivated, erudite journalism, of the desire for progress in Italian culture which, following the examples of the the great traditions of France and England, swept through the Italian peninsula during the Century of Enlightenment.

This realization represents the first segment of a project in which the IMSS is committed to producing a Digital Library of historical periods of great significance for the history of science and technology. A first version of the consultation system has been realized in collaboration with the Florence-based company SofteamWare. Digital acquisition of documents is carried out at 400 DPI 24-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG) color. For online consultation, the resolution used is 150 DPI, jpeg 80% (enlargements 600 pixels, jpeg 80%). For input of the metadata, which allow consultation of the texts through a structured index, the MAG format has been utilized.

  • Project supported by the contribution of:

    – Ministry of Cultural Affairs
    – Department of Libraries and Cultural Institutions


  Raccolta e la Nuova raccolta d'opuscoli scientifici e filologici (A. Calogerà)

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