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The Mineralogical Collection of Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti

The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence – Mineralogy Section, and the Institute and Museum for the History of Science are currently collaborating to make available for web consultation the 12 manuscript catalogues of Giovanni Targioni Tozzetti's Collezione lito-mineralogica (Stone and Mineral Collection). The catalogues (approximately 5,000 papers) describe 9,000 samples from the Mineralogy section of the University of Florence's Museum of Natural History, and constitute a documentary core of extraordinary interest for the history of Earth Sciences.

Digital acquisition of the documents has been carried out at 400 DPI 24-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG) color. For on-line consultation, there is a resolution of 150 DPI, jpg 80% (enlargement 600 pixels, larger side, jpg 80%) while for input of the metadata, which allow consultation of texts through a structured index, the MAG format has been utilized.


  Mineralogical Collection (G.Targioni Tozzetti)

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