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Library Catalogue (CAT)

The Library Catalogue (CAT) currently allows for the online consultation of approximately 205,000 records pertaining to the entire library collection.

The Italian monographs published since 1982 and foreign monographs published since 1999 are also searchable by subject. The piece-analytic records are also available for the Italian books published since 1982 and the foreign ones since 1999, for some Italian periodicals (all from 1982 to the present, but the most important ones from the first issue), and for the main foreign periodicals.

Please note that CAT data can also describe documents that are only connected to the holding, such as a periodical of which at least an extract is owned, or a monograph of which a review is possessed. What is owned by the library is clearly distinguished by the phrase " OWNED...". Moreover, it should be noted that analytic cataloguing and subject indexing are limited only to contributions of scientific-historical interest.

More than 12,000 works and documents are also available in digital format. They mainly include works of the ancient and 19th-century collections (full text or just title page/illustrations available), as well as 20th-century texts and reviews.

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List of Analytically Catalogued Italian Periodicals
List of Analytically Catalogued Foreign Periodicals
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