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Within the sphere of the "Biblioteca Digitale Italiana" (Italian Digital Library) promoted by the Department of Libraries and Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the IMSS Library has recently inaugurated digital acquisition, in image format, of works listed in the Bibliografia Galileiana (edited by Patrizia Ruffo) up to the year 1800. This first stage of the project calls for the acquisition of over one thousand publications, many of them extremely rare.

Access to the Galilean digital collection is provided through a structured list or by searching the library's OPAC.
Digital acquisition of documents is carried out at 400 DPI 8-bit (TIFF, jpeg2000 or PNG ) grayscale. For online consultation, the resolution is 150 DPI jpeg 80% (enlargements 600 pixels, larger side, jpeg 80%).

For input of the metadata, which allow consultation of texts through a structured index, the MAG format has been utilized.

  • Project carried out with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs

    – Department of libraries and cultural institutes, and with the collaboration of the Region of Tuscany
    – Department of educational policies and cultural affairs
    – Museums Libraries and cultural activities service


  Galilean Digital Library


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