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Terrestrial telescope
Terrestrial telescope
Telescope in the form of a walking stick

Inv. 2561
V.38 Terrestrial telescope
[attr.] John Marshall
cardboard, parchment
Length 2190 mm


Terrestrial telescope consisting of ten sections. All the tubes, made of cardboard, are covered with white parchment. The largest tube, which also has spots coloured in green, white and red with gilt decorations, carries the biconvex eyepiece and has a small opening, inside which is a metallic mirror for observing at 90 degrees to the axis. The erector is missing. The thinnest tube contains the objective. Both lenses have a slight green tint and show few bubbles. This instrument can enlarge objects 54 times. It is similar to telescopes V.34 and V.35, and is certainly of English manufacture and of the same type as those made by John Marshall between 1690 and 1720.

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