Writing in Codex 72
other than Galileo's Notes on Motion and Mechanics

The first 32 folios

of the codex contain several different writings, among which are:

1) a modern copy of the Galilean lemma on the centre of gravity of solids,produced by the physicist and historian of science GiambattistaVenturi, along with an anonymous evaluation of that lemma [ff. 3r-6v];see Opere, I, 204-208; X, 21-22.

2) two copies of Le mecaniche [ff. 9-62 and 27bis-28 (the 40-pagefascicule numbered separately)] see Opere, II, 155-190.

3) a copy of a fragment by Galileo on the properties of the lever [f.27r-v]; see Opere, VIII, 366,1-367.14.

4) a copy of the dedication of the Discorsi to the Countof Noailles [f.28r-v]; see Opere, VIII, 43-44.

5) a copy of a fragment concerning the same dedication to Noailles[f. 30r]; see Opere, VIII, 365.

6) a copy of the preface to the Discorsi [ff. 31r-32r]; see Opere,VIII, 45-46.

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Letters interspersed with folios 33 to196:

Besides the fragments on motion, this part of the manuscript also includesthree short letters to Galileo: at folio 78r from Niccolo'Cini (January 10th, 1630; see Opere, XIV, 69.) at folio 93r from CesareGalletti (January 29th, 1631; see Opere, XIV, 207.); at folio 125r fromAlessandroNinci (March 3rd, 1636; see Opere, XVI, 398-399.).

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