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International Conference Seneca and the Natural Sciences

On November 14, 2007, the School of Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna - Ravenna headquarters - will host the international conference Seneca e le scienze naturali (Seneca and the Natural Sciences). The conference is promoted by the University of Bologna, the School of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Bologna, the Fondazione Flaminia, the "La permanenza del Classico" Studies Centre and the IMSS.

The conference papers - presented by eminent personalities of the Italian and international academic world - will concentrate on the scientific dimension of Seneca's opus, illustrating its profound and long-lasting influence on the Western scientific tradition. Towards this end, the philological method and the acquisitions of studies conducted in linguistics to date enter the service of a new type of research, one of an interdisciplinary nature, which aims at appropriately placing the Naturales Quaestiones in the history of scientific thought. The investigation presupposes introducing philological studies into a different sector of study - the history of science - and has no significant precedents, suggesting inedited and interesting acquisitions.




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