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Since its founding in 1927, the IMSS has been continuously involved in research into topics connected with the history of science and technology and of scientific instruments, collections and museums. The research projects are conducted and/or coordinated by the Director of the Institute, the curators and the members of the Scientific Board, or by experts from other institutions, and are carried out by young Italian and foreign researchers who receive fellowships, research funds co-financed by the IMSS, contracts for specific research projects, or contributions for publication, etc.

One of the primary fields of research is that of Galilean studies, a subject on which IMSS has published innumerable original studies, produced innovative multimedia applications and promoted interesting initiatives for exhibitions. Equal importance is assigned to research in the history of scientific instruments, a sector in which the Institute is a center of excellence on the international scale. In addition, the Institute promotes research in connection with the preparation for exhibitions on fundamental aspects of the history of science and technology. These exhibitions, many of which have also been successfully presented internationally, have often lead to significant historiographic revisions, thus participating in the progress of knowledge in the discipline.

Starting in the last decade of the twentieth century, the Institute has made a original and ongoing contributions to research and documentation in the new computer science and communication technologies, developing successful methods for integrating the new media with advances in our knowledge and with initiatives undertaken to disseminate and popularize scientific culture.


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