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Catalogues of the History of Science Museum

Since 1991, the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza has intensified its production of collection catalogues. In addition to the general catalogue of the Museum, scientific catalogues dedicated to the most important cores of the historical instruments collection have been published. These, edited by eminent Italian and foreign scholars, are published in English. They document not only the works on display to the public, but also the instruments kept in storage. In the Catalogues series, the following volumes have been published so far:

Catalogues of the Museo di Storia della Scienza - Florence

1. Museo di Storia della Scienza. Catalogo, edited by M. Miniati, Giunti, 1991, 420 pp., Illust.
2. Turner G. L'E., Catalogue of Microscopes, 1991, 128 pp., Illust.
3. Brenni P., Catalogue of Mechanical Instruments, 1993, 115 pp., Illust.
4. Hackmann W., Catalogue of Pneumatical Magnetical and Electrical Instruments, 1995, 245 pp., Illust.
5. Van Helden A., Catalogue of Early Telescopes, 1999, 111 pp., Illust.
6. Dekker, Elly, Catalogue of Orbs, Spheres, and Globes, Giunti, 2004, 188 pp., Illust.
7. DVD, Multimedia Catalogue, IMSS, 2004. Altra edizione: in Storia della Scienza, Rome, Istituto dell'Enciclopedia Italiana, 2004.
Multimedia Catalogue
8. DVD, Multimedia Catalogue, IMSS, 2005.
Catalogue of Renaissance Sundials and Nocturnals
9. Turner A., Catalogue of Sun-dials, Nocturnals and Related Instruments.Giunti, 2007, 176 p., illust.
10. Bennett J., Catalogue of Renaissance Surveying Instruments, in production




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