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Spaces and Functions


The basement areas, recently renovated and enlarged, contain versatile spaces destined for both research and for public activities such as conferences, seminars, temporary exhibitions, cultural events, etc.

Ground Floor
In addition to the entrance hall and ticket office, the ground floor houses the first and the last three rooms of the museum's itinerary, two ample spaces dedicated to laboratories and computer animation activities, photographic and instrument restoration workshop and the nerve-center of the IMSS's information systems network.

First Floor
Located on the first floor is the permanent exhibition the Medici Collections of mathematical and astronomical instruments by great Italian and foreign instrument-makers.

Second Floor
The permanent museum exhibition continues on the second floor, presenting the Lorraine Collections, originally displayed, starting in 1775, in the Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale, founded by Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena.

Third Floor
The third floor houses the Multimedia Library / Research Library and the offices of the IMSS.

Fourth Floor
The fourth floor contains the book stacks for the Library and has work stations for the Institute's collaborators.

External Spaces
In addition to its seat in the Palazzo Castellani, the IMSS makes use of exterior spaces which house the Multimedia Workshop, additional library collections, the museum's collections not on display, its publications, etc.



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