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Info section

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Restoration Laboratory

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Multimedia Laboratory

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Institute section

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History of Science links

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Museum section

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Museum Info

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History of the Collections, Deposits, Collections Catalogue, EPACT Catalogue

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Multimedia Catalogue

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New acquisitions, restoration      

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Library and Archives

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Italian Bibliography of the History of Science

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International Galilean Bibliography

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Iconographic Resources

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Digital Library

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Homo Faber     

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Nel segno di Masaccio

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Leonardo and the Engineers of the Renaissance, Census of Scientific Collections in Tuscany, The Void and Evangelista Torricelli, Leonardo's Automobile, Beautiful Minds

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Multimedia Museum Catalogue

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Scientists at Court

Jacopo Tonini

Scientific Itineraries in Tuscany, Historical Pharmacies in Tuscany

Elena Fani

Medicean Skies, Machina Mundi

Giorgio Strano

A Thousand Years of Science in Italy

Elena Montali

Cycling through Time

Paola Bertucci


Marco Beretta and/or Giovanni Di Pasquale

Online Learning: The Astrolabe

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Online Learning: Galileo's Compass

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Online Learning: Galileo's Telescope

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