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International Galilean Bibliography (GAL)

The International Galilean Bibliography (GAL) forms a single archive that covers the entire historical reception of Galilean work. The following printed bibliographies have thus far been entered, for a total of approximately 19,000 records:

Bibliografia Galileiana: 1568–1895, edited by A. Carli and A. Favaro (Rome, 1896)
Bibliografia Galileiana: 1896–1940, edited by G. Boffito (Rome, 1943)
Bibliografia Galileiana fra i due centenari: 1942–1964, edited by E. Gentili (Varese, 1966)
Bibliografia Galileiana: 1940–1964, edited by E. McMullin in: Galileo: Man of Science, edited by E. McMullin (New York, 1967), integrated with the data from the years 19651995, collected by Mario Di Bono, which follows the current bibliography from 1996 till the present day.

Also present in the database are the documents belonging to the "Landmarks of Science" collection, which reproduce texts already noted in the historical bibliographies and approximately 2,100 records, that, although they concern the period between 1568 and 1995, regard documents not present in the above-listed bibliographies.

The bibliographic entries are complete with keywords by subject, according to the IMSS criteria and thesaurus, and, for each one, information about the library where the document can be found. The gaps still present in the descriptive and semantic cataloguing are being gradually filled as the documents in course of acquisition become available.


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