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3. Science and technology of water

Valve, Pompeii
Water, beyond the basic necessity of drinking water, is one of the primary human needs. The technology involved in storing, distributing, and channeling water formed the basis of an infrastructure of primary importance in a Roman city, as in any other urban settlement.

The techniques used for the control and distribution of water in Pompeii, at the time of the eruption in 79 AD, form a complex system which testify to the civilization's considerable achievements in hydraulic science as well as metallurgy, architecture, and urban planning. Caring for water resources was a constant concern for the Romans in general and citizens of Pompeii in particular.

Water flowed invisibly through underground pipelines, drainage systems, and aqueducts supported by arches, reemerging in the city's fountains.
Original artefacts
arrow 3.1 Hydraulic valves





Working models
arrow 3.a Noria

arrow 3.b Water wheel





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