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International conference
The Accademia del Cimento and its European Context.
Publication of the Proceedings

The Accademia del Cimento and its European Context
Marco Beretta, Antonio Clericuzio, Lawrence M. Principe editors, Science History Publicantions/USA, 2009

The Accademia del Cimento, organized in Florence under Medici patronage, devoted itself for ten years (1657-1667) to the experimental investigation of a broad range of scientific matters, and provided a model and inspiration for many subsequent scientific societies. Despite its crucial position in the history of science, the Cimento's work and diverse membership has remained incompletely studied. This volume,   contains fifteen papers by an international array of scholars on new aspects of the various projects, members, and methods of the Cimento and its relationship to other early modern academies. Many fields of inquiry omitted from the Saggi, the Cimento's only official publication, are treated here, such as chemistry, botany, medicine, and astronomy. These studies restitute the Cimento to the wider context of seventeenth-century scientific academies - in Rome, Bologna, Naples, London, and Paris - and in the Republic of letters.



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