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Terrestrial telescope
Tube for composite eyepiece
Terrestrial telescope

Inv. 2550
V.28 Terrestrial telescope
Giovanni Battista Magnelli, Italian construction
Cardboard, leather
Length 2290 mm


Terrestrial telescope consisting of seven sections. All the tubes are made of cardboard. On the largest, covered in green leather with gold tooling, is an inscription "Io: Bap:Magnelli. Fior: F.1695" indicating the date of construction and the maker, Giovanni Battista Magnelli, about whom all that is known is that he was a Florentine optician active in the second half of the seventeenth century. The other tubes are all covered in marbled paper. Two of them contain wooden diaphragms. The erector is inserted in the smallest tube, at one end of which is placed the eyepiece lens. The plano-convex objective is lodged in the largest tube which ends with an ivory mounting. This instrument can enlarge objects 25 times.

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