Institute and Museum of History of Science, Florence, ITALY

Evangelista Torricelli

6. Death of Torricelli

Monument to E. Torricelli set up in Faenza in 1864

The project of publishing the letters exchanged with the French scientists (see "Diffusion of the work of Torricelli in France") could not be carried out. While still young, Torricelli was afflicted with a disease whose nature remains unknown to us, and died in Florence on the night of 24 to 25 October 1647 (letter from Ludovico Serenai to Francesco Torricelli of 25 October and letter from Ludovico Serenai to Bonaventura Cavalieri of 26 October). In 1644, Torricelli had published his Opera geometrica in Florence, containing his writings on geometry and those on the theory of motion that Castelli had asked Galileo to read.

Title page of Lezioni Accademiche published in Florence in 1715.

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